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Giovedì 19 Giugno 2014 14:40
*** A SHADOW ON MERRIMACK RIVER di Daniela Alibrandi *** English Edition - A year in the United States, a fantastic opportunity. Then Diana will return to Rome, but if life in the United States will be a positive experience, she will be able to return. In an evening of early spring,while with her friend Jenny she is skating on the Merrimack River still frozen, she doesn’t realize she has reached a point where the ice is breaking. In the fierce struggle that she engages with the force of the river waters,Diana realizes that under the plate glides silently a human body. It’s the beginning of a nightmare in which Diana will live during the months that remain until her departure from what she had considered a quiet little town.Until the solution of the mystery, which will take place with a stunning end. The events take place in a small town in the Northeast of United States in 1965 during Vietnam War. Many descriptions of places and people. There is no lack of historical references.


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